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Get your business online, and the first step is to book a domain and a hosting package

A large number of people and businesses use the Internet to find information. Having a website is becoming essential so that the customers and the public can find out what they want. For businesses, a website provides the experience of visiting your business in person. In order to have website, first steps are the reserve a domain name and hosting package to host your website. Pentad Media offers various domain and hosting services to meet its customer needs. Below is a brief detail of these:

Domain name is a name that is assigned to a specific physical address of a resource on the network. Domain name gives an identity to resource or a company. For example, is a domain name which helps to identify the web resource of Yahoo company.

In such a modern era, Internet has become most common and widely used resource of Advertising. Every business sooner or latter will have a web presence and it will become essential in order to survive in such a competitive environment.

In order to have a web presence, you need to have a domain name. These domain names are available at two different levels i.e Top-level domains and Secondary or Lower-level domains. If you are thinking of developing a website of your company, the first thing you need to do is to book/reserve a Domain name for your business. Grab it quickly before someone else grabs it. Domain registry processes applications on first come first server basis, so do not lose a chance of getting your name registered.

Pentad Media has served 100s of clients since 2004. Our clients are happy with our services and like continue to work with us. We can reserve, transfer and renew a domain name on your behalf. We can manage all aspects of domain processes and take all of your headache on us. We can also negotiate and deal with companies and national domain registry department on your behalf and resolve all your problems.

Website hosting is a service that provides connectivity, storage, email space, database, and other languages & tools support for a Website. Once you have bought a domain of your company and build your website, you will need a hosting server where all your web pages can reside. The most important factors in choosing a web hosting services is to check their security, reliability, language support, customer service, etc.

We at Pentad Media provide various hosting packages to meet client’s needs. Our servers are Linux-based and support all necessary features for a website to quickly get up and running. Some of our web hosting features are:

  • Instant web hosting activation - no need to wait!
  • Quickly & easily set up emails
  • Pre-installed software - Blogs, Shopping Carts & loads more!
  • Compatible with all web design tools (Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc.)
  • 24 Hour Support - phone, live chat & email

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