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Stand out from the crowd, Letís design graphics for you

Pentad Media has an expert team of graphic designer who have proven track record in the graphic design industry. Our team of designers work closer to our clients, listen to them, advise them and create them something special which is different & unique, beautiful & attractive. We will add soul & breadth to your corporate identity and marketing strategies using our creative graphic design solutions.

Logo is a unique symbol of your company which enables audience to instantly recognise you. It shows professionalism and help build companyís brand identity. This is the most important content of your brand identity which is used throughout your adverting & marketing material both online and offline.

Our creative designer will create clear, stunning, beautiful and catchy logos for your company that will leave a cool & recognizing effect on viewer. We follow certain steps while designing and work close to our clients so we can come up with a highly recognisable and unique logo concept.

Stationary includes a Letterhead, Business Card, Compliment Slip and Continuation Sheet. We can design the whole package or an individual item as per your requirements. We keep following the logo colours scheme and maintain it throughout your branding. A clear, precise, beautiful design of stationary is important to success of your company.

Do you want your voice to be reached to the world? Do you want people to know what products you sell or what services you provide? Your advertisement material such as Flyer, Leaflet or Brochure is an inexpensive and quickest way to get your voice out.

Producing an eye catching, professional and well-written advertisement material is not an easy job. It requires lot of attention. After all, this is going to be your face of the business to the outside world. Your business success is based too much on this.

Our experienced graphic designers will help you achieve an outstanding and mind-blowing design that will hit. Working closely to the clients, taking their ideas & concepts into consideration while designing, our designers will create a design which is giving full output of your business, services & products.

Display banner is a best tool to present your business to the bigger audience in most efficient manners. These banners can be used in exhibitions stalls, presentations, business meetings, or give specific information about a product or service within your permanent business premises.

We at Pentad Media think deep about the audience, their psychology, and produce very professional, creative and well-presented banners. Our team of graphic designers will fully make use of researched contents of target market and the product, location, environment, audience, design, material etc, and come up with a fantastic solution.

Rich media is an advertising term for specific contents on a web page that make use of advance technology such as audio/video streaming, banner ads, downloadable applets that interacts instantly with the visitor. Some examples of such contents can be Flash Games, Website Banners, DVD Menu, Business Presentation & Catalogue, etc.

Pentad Media can help you design according to your requirements and provided drawing boards. We collect all the aspects of the desired end product at one place, thoroughly review them, and then start our work. This approach has always given us the ability to produce brilliant and user friendly rich media contents which meets our clients requirements as well as the end user experience.

Pentad Media can also help you produce video and multimedia contents with the help of our partner company who are specialised in the video/filmmaking industry. Our partner company has best video & multimedia equipment and a large portfolio of happy clients. Explain us all your needs and we will advise you the best we can.

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