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Professional, Attractive & User-friendly Web Design & Development

Pentad Media offers a wide range of website design & development options for different needs of customers. Our dedicated team of web designers & developers will create a stunning website which will not let a visitor just go. Please read below to find out about our various options:

A simplest & fastest way to get your website on the web

These types of websites are an ideal option for start-up businesses to immediately bring their presence on the Internet. The contents on these kind of websites are of static nature and will remain same all the time. We will create a very beautiful, intuitive and professional website which will give your customers a perfect outlook of your products & services.

Attractive, Secure & easy to Manage e-Commerce websites

We create very professional, highly efficient, user-friendly and attractive e-Commerce websites for our clients trading worldwide. We develop e-commerce websites using our own built e-Commerce development software preferably. Our e-Commerce software is fully secured, reliable, user friendly and search engine friendly. However, we also build third party e-Commerce software packages such as Actinic, Erol, CubeCart etc according to the client’s preferences.

Our e-Commerce has following features:

  • 100% secure online shopping solution
  • Free template design & unlimited revisions
  • Easy to use content management system for managing the whole website
  • Full search engine optimised & google friendly URLs
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Secure payment integration to accept debit/credit cards from the site
  • And much more...

Manage your website at ease & with no programming knowledge

Most up-to-date contents play a vital role in making your website successful, encourage customers to visit again, and search engines to keep visiting regularly for fresh information.

Here comes the Content Management System which is an Internet browser based web application that allows website owner to manage and administer it. It appears in a browser like a text-editor and using that you can manage and update contents of the website at your own.

Our Content Management System (CMS) websites are most reliable & secure website solution for SMEs. We use various industry known & approved Content Management Systems including Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc.

Larger data presentation in Organised, Beautiful and Efficient manners

There are some websites which have more complex requirements, requires large data to store and involve extensive database interaction. Examples of such websites are real estate portals, dating sites, membership sites, offers/discount sites, social networking websites, audio & video sharing sites, blogs & forums sites etc.

Our dedicated team of web developers can create stunning, secure and faster database driven website fully meeting your demands. No matter how complex the requirements are, we can transform your idea into real & practical web application.

Standalone modules development & integration, database integration

We also provide a module based design & development services. These services include PHP Modules development and PHP/MySql Database integration. These services are provided to those who already have a website and want a particular functionality to be added in the website.

PHP Module Development
We develop fully customised modules for client’s web applications. Modules are also developed for Joomla & Drupal packages to add a specific functionality in the website. A PHP Module can be as simple as a simple web form and as complex as developing a web video player.

PHP & MySQL Database Integration
We also provide services to clients who have data and information available and they want it to be transformed in web friendly and presentable manner. We can import any data into MySql database and integrate it using PHP into your website as desired.

Use the power of XML, develop your own online web services

We have a highly experienced team of web developers who are specialised in the development of XML Web Services. We can design & develop web services meeting your requirements and using the whatever way you like. REST & SOAP are the most common ways of consuming web services and have become industry standards.

We can also help you if you want to develop an application based on web services provided by third party companies such as Google, Ebay, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Amazon, Twitter, etc

REST (Representaional State Transfer)
REST is a style of software architecture for distributed system such as WorldWideWeb. Web services which are developed based on this concept are called RESTful web services. These web services are in plain XML which is easily readable and understandable. Most major web service providers web services allowing to use this architecture style.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
SOAP is another way of developing and consuming web services. This is a contrast of RESTful web services in which a separate vocabulary is defined. It has its own advantages and disadvantages but the 2nd most used method in the web services development industry.

As XML has become the standard for exchanging information between organisations in a most suitable, reliable, secure and efficient manner. We help you build services based on this standards which allow you to interact and transfer data among organisations. An example of such situation is the whole process of supply chain management. However, some concepts such as RSS allows to create feeds to electronically transmit information between servers. News Feeds are the best example of it.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
Developing application using AJAX is one of speciality area. We can develop AJAX based web application according to your requirements. AJAX allows contents to be updated in a web page without loading the whole page once again. This has rapidly become the industry demand and all the new coming development make use of this concept & technology.

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