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Aronex is a modern property development company with a strong track record of developing and delivering high quality property projects.

- - Asher Qureshi, CEO | Aronex Developments

We know the real estate market inside out. With an impressive 15+ years combined experience, we gave shape to one of the best real estate development projects in major cities of UK including but not limited to Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, and in many UK seaside resorts. We have developed a variety of property types offering quality living to its occupants.

What We Did?

Pentad Media designed and delivered innovative new brand and a website with playful look and feel. Kickstarted with corporate identity design, we quickly jumped on putting together their website and other digital media strategy. We helped them design their corporate project brochures aimed at their individual projects. We looked after all their printing needs from start to finish. Pentad Media acted as their one stop solution window for all their business marketing needs.

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Great company. We have had an excellent service from Pentad Media. Super easy, structured, clear and simple process with outstanding results. Special shout out to Yasir who helped us designed a brilliant website.

- Asher Qureshi, CEO | Aronex