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M-R Solicitors are one of the UK's renowned law firms with an expert team of solicitors. We provide tailored legal services across a wide range of legal practice areas.

- Waheed ur Rehman Mian, Managing Member | M-R Solicitors LLP

Known for our exceptional quality of service, we are the first and only choice of solicitors for many of our clients. We offer experienced, efficient and professional legal services to our large portfolio of clients in the UK and internationally. We respond quickly to client’s requirements and communicate regularly and concisely.

What We Did?

Pentad Media has a long-standing commitment to delivering the highest quality of services to M-R Solicitors. They recently decided to refresh their brand and company website. Pentad Media creative team delivered a fantastic brand design with complete guidelines for a company-wide roll out of the brand. We designed and developed a comprehensive law firm website meeting excellent standards of the industry and regulatory bodies.

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Pentad Media has been a trusted growth partner of the M-R Solicitors for over 10 years now. Their industry knowledge and professionalism made a considerable impact on our business.

Waheed ur Rehman Mian, Managing Member | M-R Solicitors LLP