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Riseonics is a modern property developer with a proven track record of delivering innovative and high-end projects. We have delivered over 500 property units in the past 10 years.

- Ahmed Naveed, Managing Director | Riseonics

Riseonics has been delivering premium property projects for nearly a decade. We have a commitment to continuously innovate and disrupt the property market with our unique offerings. Riseonics has established a vision to deliver experience rather than just a property. We have successfully sold and delivered impressive property portfolio in various Pakistan and UK cities.

What We Did?

Pentad Media worked with Riseonics team to first build a comprehensive picture of the company's vision, mission and goals. We started with an impressive branding delivery, followed by a fully-customised responsive website for the fast rising property developer. We parallelly worked on various animation, design and print management tasks for rising, all delivered to highest standards exceeding client's expectations.

  • Riseonics
  • Real Estate, Property Developer
  • Branding, Print Management, Consultancy, Website, Animations, Advertising
  • https://www.riseonics.com
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A big reason why we engaged Pentad Media is that they are super creative, expert designers and software engineers who know how to deliver the best.

Ahmed Naveed, Managing Director | Riseonics